Healing a  Relationship

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Need to ask a question or just talk about your relationship with someone who understands and can guide you through the steps you can take to make things better?

I can’t fix your relationship for you BUT I can show you how to fix it yourself.

E-mail me John Nutting now to make a time. Depending on the time of year  Australia is 10 hours ahead of the UK, 5- 6 hours ahead of Europe or the Middle East  and approximately 14 hours ahead of the West coast USA 16-17 hours ahead of the East coast USA

 A recent comment from an international client ...

I decided I wanted to contact John Nutting on Skype because I knew had some really  terrible core beliefs about myself, but I could not identify them clearly.  I had come from an abusive background and didn't want to pass my core  beliefs down to my children and watch them re-enact them in their adult  lives as I had with my different partners again and again.

I wasn't quite sure what those beliefs were but I decided it was about time that I understood  why I kept attracting bad relationships even though I had spent many hours  with other counsellors and done a lot of work on myself in the past.

But  when it came to my relationships I still appeared to be going round in the  same old circles. Why?

I now realise that my negative core beliefs were were the forces inside  me that kept me re-enacting my childhood with each of my partners and  loved ones, a bit like re-telling the same old fairy story in the hope  that sooner or later there would be a new and happier ending!

With John's guidance I have discovered that once I begin balancing my  negative core beliefs with my powerful positive beliefs I can start to be  my authentic self and look forward to having healthy grown up  relationships.

After the work I have done with John over the phone in recent weeks I am  starting to feel that at last I am growing up emotionally. I have had time to reflect. I have had a chance to digest everything that  has happened. My inner child "Little (....name withheld...) feels safe for  the first time.

I woke up this morning thinking that its not going to be so hard any more.

                                  (name witheld)

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